Measure L Committee

The El Centro Elementary School District proudly serves the communities of El Centro and Imperial by providing educational programs to about 5,400 kindergarten through eighth-grade students at our eleven schools. On November 8, 2016, our community supported Measure “L” and the issuance of $22.1 million in general obligation bonds; to replace temporary portables with permanent classrooms; improve student access to computers and modern technology; modernize outdated classrooms, restrooms, and school facilities; and construct new school facilities to reduce student overcrowding.
The Governing Board of the El Centro Elementary School District has appointed an independent citizens’ oversight committee to oversee bond proceeds & expenditures, review audit reports, and ensure that spending is consistent with Measure “L” guidelines. Prop 39 requires that the Committee has at least seven members, with one member representing five different categories; business organization, senior citizen's organization, parent/guardian of ECESD student, an active member of a parent-teacher organization, and parent/guardian of a student of ECESD, active in a bona fide taxpayer's organization and citizen's at large. 

Current Bond Oversight Committee


Chair:           VACANT (As of 7/6/2022) - Role Tax Payers Association 

Vice-Chair:  Karen Wilcox  (Term 11/2017 to 11/2023) - Role Senior Citizen's Organization

Secretary:   Amy Binggeli-Vallarta  (Term 11/2017 to 11/2023) - Role Active in a PTO/PTA at  ECESD. 

Member:     Nidia Carranza (Term 11/2017 to 11/2023) - Role Parent/Guardian of Child Enrolled at ECESD.

Member:     Holly Barkalow (Term 11/2017 to 11/2023) - Role Citizen at Large

Member:     Fredrick Bryant (Term 11/2017 to 11/2023) - Role Citizen at Large

ECESD is looking for additional committee members in the following category;
*Role of Business Organization representing the business community located within ECESD boundaries.
*Role of Tax Payers Association is representing a taxpayers association group. 
If you are interested in becoming a part of this committee or have questions, please get in touch with Assistant Superintendent, Kristy Curry at (760) 352-5712 ext. 8518 or [email protected]
Measure L Oversight Committee Meeting

Thursday, March 24, 2022
at 3:00 p.m. in the ECESD Board Room
1256 Broadway
El Centro, California 92243

Oversight Committee Meeting Agendas/Minutes:
Oversight Committee Bylaws, Ballot Measure Language and Legal Counsel Agreement
Oversight Committee Annual Reports
Measure L Annual Audit Reports