This process will only take you a few minutes! Be sure to include information for the person being tested when you register. If you are under the age to self consent, be sure a parent is present to consent for you. All consents are gathered electronically during this process. Many of the questions asked are used for local and State reporting purposes and your information is not shared beyond that. Results will be shared with the contact information provided after testing is completed. All results are typically shared 1 hour after being tested.
STEP 1:  If you are reporting results for a student test, please click on “Student Registration” button below. If you are reporting results for a staff test, please click on “Staff Registration” button below.
* Please click “Continue” button at the bottom of first screen, then fill out “Contact Information,” after you have filled out all the contact information, then click “Continue” button on the bottom of screen – at this point, system will inform you if you are already registered and it will send you an email to report results.
** If system does not inform you that you are already registered, please continue to follow instructions on screen.  
You can change the language by clicking on the option indicated on the image below:
Choose your language indicator
STEP 2: Follow instructions on screen – results will be sent to El Centro Elementary School District.