Unity Coin

Presenting our district's "Unity Coin," designed to recognize how our district came together during the past 3 years of the pandemic.
The 2” metal coin features the District mission statement on the outside ring - "Ensuring every student reaches exceptional academic achievement," - along with the District's logo on one side. On the reverse, the mascot/logo of each of the 12 district schools is featured, joined together in a unifying circle, along with the words PARENTS, STAFF, STUDENTS, UNITY.
Unity Coin
The coin was not designed to bring back memories of the challenges faced during the pandemic, but to celebrate that every individual in our community worked together, with respect, to ensure our students truly received a valuable education during this time.
The coin was presented to every staff member in the District, as each person was just as valuable as the next in our quest to serve our students and community, while addressing the specific needs of our staff during this time. The coin will also be presented to our community partners to recognize their contributions.
The coin was designed by El Centro Elementary School District Digital Media Specialist Alberto Martinez.
Jon LeDoux