Robert Gutierrez gets recognition

Robert Gutierrez
Robert GutierrezAt the Tuesday meeting of the Board of Trustees, the Board recognized Harding School’s Robert Gutierrez for his quick actions when a fire broke out one evening at the school. When Robert smelled smoke and suspected there was fire, he notified the fire department, guided them to the fire and once the fire was contained,  worked to clean and move furniture to make sure that our students had a clean classroom the next day. While the school lost a set of bathrooms to the blaze, only minor smoke damage was evident in classrooms. Robert’s actions may have saved the entire wing of classrooms. Of course, no one was surprised, as Robert is an outstanding employee, dedicated to ensuring our students have a safe, clean campus every day. 
ECESD is also very grateful to the El Centro Fire Department for their very prompt, professional response in identifying the cause of the fire and extinguishing it before it could spread.