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The El Centro Elementary School District has been providing dedicated and excellent educational services to local children since the formation of the District. Currently, The District educates an estimated 5,000 students at the District's twelve schools. The work with students from the parents/guardians are instrumental to our student's success, and we want to provide our students with every resource available for further achievement which includes 21st century standards.
Although our schools have been well maintained over the years, aging classrooms and facilities must be upgraded since many do not meet 21st century standards. Today, our schools need major classroom and infrastructure improvements to maintain the quality of education provided to local students. Faced with outdated classrooms and the need to bring school facilities up to current standards, the District and Board of Trustees decided to place Measure L, a school improvement general obligation (G.O.) bond measure, on the November 8, 2016 ballot to modernize and renovate our aging elementary schools. 
Over the last several months with input from staff, teachers, parents, community leaders, and an architect, the District has prepared a School Facilities Needs Analysis. The Needs Analysis identifies the major repairs and upgrades that need to be made. 
Specific types of projects identified include:
  • Improving student access to computers and modern technology
  • Making health, safety and handicapped accessibility improvements
  • Modernizing outdates classrooms, restrooms and school facilities
  • Constructing an elementary school to reduce student overcrowding
  • Upgrading playgrounds and play fields for school and community use
  • Constructing a multi-purpose room and/or gymnasium at a designated school site
The attached Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) handout is provided to assist parents, guardians, and voters in understanding the facts behind Measure L and how its passage will affect the District, our children and the community. This letter and attached handout are provided for your information. 
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Upcoming Events

De Anza-Book Fair Week
Date: 10/24/2016 10/28/2016
Location: De Anza Magnet School, 1530 S Waterman Ave, El Centro, CA 92243, USA
De Anza-Red Ribbon Week (Wear Boots)
Date: 10/24/2016
Location: De Anza Magnet School, 1530 S Waterman Ave, El Centro, CA 92243, USA
Hedrick-Red Ribbon Week (Wear red clothing)
Date: 10/24/2016
Location: Hedrick Elementary School, 550 S Waterman Ave, El Centro, CA 92243, USA
Kennedy-Red Ribbon Week (Wear Red)
Date: 10/24/2016
Location: Kennedy Middle School, 900 N 6th St, El Centro, CA 92243, USA
King-Red Ribbon Week
Date: 10/24/2016 10/28/2016
Location: Martin Luther King Elementary, 1950 Villa Ave, El Centro, CA 92243, USA
Lincoln- Wear Hawaiian clothes
Date: 10/24/2016
Location: Lincoln Elementary School, 200 N 12th St, El Centro, CA 92243, USA

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